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Microblading in St. Albert costs $450 to $650 (cheap to expensive), the average price is $525 with median at $550. Compare best permanent eyebrow tattoos based on reviews & photos.

* Prices are subject to change without notice - updated on .
* Eyebrow microblading cost shown for St. Albert includes first appointment and a follow up session to do touch up. The follow up session needs to be booked 4-8 weeks after the initial treatment. The touch up is highly recommended in order to achieve best results, some artists include this fee while others don't. In order to fairly compare costs between permanent eyebrows, we have included the second appointment fee in the price shown.
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We found 4 eyebrow tattoos close to 11 Bellerose Dr #35 , St. Albert , AB T8N 5C9 , Canada, let us know if we missed one